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My name is Mike Gibson and I am the founder of FelixGate. In addition to developing FelixGate I have worked in the Fitness industry for the last 6 years with particular involvement in the technology side of gym fit-outs, maintenance and general support from electrical, IT and security through out New Zealand.

How FelixGate Came About

Back in 2019, when speaking with franchisees, club owners and managers, the issue of tailgating was being raised. I was on the search for a solution to this increasing issue but never found the perfect one, I decided to build my own.

Since then, I have been working hard to put together what is now FelixGate. In January 2022 we started our in-club trials starting with a club in Ashburton, New Zealand and then we were able to expanded the trail to two clubs in Brisbane.
The trial process had proven successful with the elimination of development challenges. In September 2022, FelixGate was given the final tick of approval and we launched into clubs in New Zealand and Australia. Since launching we have taken feedback from our clubs and have upgraded and added new features to FelixGate with plans to further build out a fully automated messaging service all within FelixGate.
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Gym tailgating occurs when a gym member swipes their card walks through the doors and allows another unauthorised individual access with them.
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